If they don't send you the business promised, they pay.

Then Hold Them To It.

They don't want to pay for your work, but you'll get great exposure.

Get A Binding Agreement, Drafted by an Actual Lawyer.

When someone tells you that they can't pay for your creative work, but that you will get great exposure, now you can hold them to it.

It's either exposure or money.

If the Client Sends You Business

The Client Doesn't Send You Business

The client does actually get you exposure! Wow! Everybody wins!

The client pays you the difference immediately.

The Client Pays

The promised exposure never comes. The client still has the work that you did for them, and that's not fair. 

“We can't afford to pay you anything, but it will get you great exposure and look amazing in your portfolio!"

Larry Jones, Completely Fictional Sketchy Client

Why Get The Work for Fame Contract?

It happens all the time. A new client comes to you and says that they can't pay for your design services, but that if you work for them you will get great exposure.

"Everyone will see the work that you did and want to hire you!" 

Maybe, maybe not, but a promise is a promise and a contract is a contract. That's why this contract will put those promises in writing. 

If the client gets you the work that he or she promised to get you, you could get new clients and the client gets great work for free. 

If the client doesn't get you the work that he or she promised to get you, you could make them pay. 

Get the exposure or get the money.

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